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Barksdale >> B.O.P Controls

Gems Sensors >> Semiconductor Manufacturing

Gems Sensors LS-700 with electropolished floats and stem is used for level controls of TEOS used in CVD deposition in wafer fab process

Quick Specs...

1. Series:LS-700
2. Mounting Type : TYPE 6 special flange
3. Mounting And Stem Material : 316 Sainless
4. Mounting Position : TANK Top
5. Float Part Number : 60241
6. Switch Type and Rating : Group1,SPST,20VA,NO
7. Switch Actuation Level
    L0 : 804mm(31.65 inch)
    L1 : 730mm(28.74 inch)
    L2 : 670mm (26.38 inch)
    L3 : 490mm (19.29 inch)
    L4 : 340mm(13.39 inch)
8. Lead Wire Lenght : 60inch(1.5M)
9. Electro-Polished

Gems Sensors >> Semiconductor Manufacturing

ULS-10 Ultrasonic Level Switch provide detection of solvent in semiconductor manufacturing process with reliable level control

Quick Specs...

Typical model number ULS-10-230-SPDT-SS-L1=8.66
10 Amp Relay Output
115/230 VAC 12 VDC or 24 VDC Input
High Gain
No Calibration Necessary <
Temperatures to 300°F (149°C)
Lengths to 99 inches (251.5 cm)

Barksdale >> Inert Gas

Barksdale D1T-xxxx-EXI Intrinscally Safe Diaphragm Pressure Switch has been used widely in Marine Application for chemical tank inert gas pressure control

Quick Specs...

Typical part number D1T-M3SS-EXI, 0.012 to 0.2 bar
Approval: Ex II 1 GD, EX ia II C T6

Gems Sensors >> HVAC

XM800 Level Transmitter for Industrial Chiller and refrigeration system. Measurement of refrigerant level ensure reliable control of refrigeration process

Quick Specs...

Typical range of measuremnt 10 inches. Customisable to max.72 inches. Output: Divided Voltage Output or 4-20mA transmitter option.

Gems Sensors >> Aerospace Industries

Explosion Proof ULS-10 Ultrasonic Level Switch offer a perfect solution for level detection and control of liquid fuels for aerospace application.

Quick Specs...

10 Amp Relay Output
115/230 VAC 12 VDC or 24 VDC Input
High Gain
No Calibration Necessary
Temperatures to 300°F (149°C)
Lengths to 99 inches (251.5 cm)

Fox Thermal >> Landfill Gas

The objective of landfill gas recovery facilities is to use methane, a greenhouse gas produced in landfills, for energy production or for flaring to prevent its release into the atmosphere. Accurate landfill gas mass flow monitoring is essential for gathering information on the amount of gas being extracted, flared or recovered.

The challenges of working with landfill gases include the changing gas compositions, fluctuating flow rates, moisture content and temperatures. To meet the challenging demands of landfill gas recovery, each FT2 mass flow meter from Fox Thermal Instruments is calibrated to the required mixed-gas composition for optimal accuracy.
The FT2 thermal mass flow meters from Fox Thermal Instruments features highly accurate flow measurements, high turn-down ratios and continuous temperature output. Together, the features of FT2 facilitates emissions accounting and exceed the requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency's 40 CFR part 98.

Typical calibration gases include:
- Carbon dioxide
- Carbon monoxide
- Digester Gas
- Ethane
- Flare Gas
- Biogas
- Hydrogen
- Methane
- Natural Gas
- Nitrogen
- Propane

Barksdale >> Wellhead Control Panel

Barksdale Compact Switch Series 9681X, 9692X Explosion Proof ,all stainless steel pressure switch with single/dual setting, UL and ATEX approval are commonly used in wellhead control panel providing reliable pressure control demanded by offshore environment.

GP:50 >> Oil & Gas Offshore

GP:50 provides oil & gas pressure instrumentation designed for the rigors of fracking, cementing, acidizing, and other well servicing applications as well as all other pipeline, sub sea and well head applications.

Model 311X/P, 211X/P, 311X/P, 311N/AN/GN Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter
° Ranges 0-50 thru 0-75,000 PSI.
° FM & CSA Explosion Proof Approved.
° All welded, stainless, compact design.
° Factory sealed, conduit seal not required available

Gems Sensors >> Water Treatment