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Kistler-Morse >> Power Generation

Kistler Morse Mircoprocessor Based Ultrasonic Level System has been used widely to measure the solid level of coal in power plant across Asia

Quick Specs...

1 to 16 channels of sensor input
115/230 VAC or 24 VDC Input
4-20mA Analog Outpur
Relay Contacts
Measuring range up to 50 meters
Explosion Proof Sensors as an option
Aiming Kit for sensor

AEROQUAL >> Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a term referring to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. IAQ can be affected by gases (including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds), particulates and microbial contaminants (mould, bacteria).

Indoor air is becoming an increasingly more concerning health hazard. Using ventilation to dilute contaminants, filtration, source control and the release of controlled levels of ozone are the primary methods for improving indoor air quality in most buildings.

Aeroqual manufactures a range of GSS gas sensors and also integrates a number of other technologies to offer a comprehensive range of portable and fixed measurement instruments. In addition, multi-sensor systems are also available.

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AEROQUAL >> Outdoor Air Quality

Low-Cost and Compact Air Quality Monitoring

AQM 60 Air Quality Stations deliver precise measurement data in real time for a wide range of air quality criteria in a compact and modular package. Measureable parameters include Ozone (O3), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Nitrogen Oxides (NOX), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Non-methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC), and Particulate Matter by mass (PM10 and PM2.5) or size distribution (0.3 to 10 μm 8-channels).

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Gems Sensors >> Medical Science

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Barksdale >> Steel Mills


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Gems Sensors >> Off-Highway Vehicle

Don't just measure - Take control
For more than 50 years Gems Sensors & Controls has been continuously improving the design and manufacturing process of fluid sensors in Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Industry. With decades of experience, Gems has a unique understanding of the most sophisticated applications in OHV, and delivers fluid sensors that measure up to today's - and tomorrow's - critical requirements. With a worldwide industry focus, Gems processes and capabilities bring you:

With a growing need for sophisticated systems to control fluids, Gems team of engineers has designed highly accurate and configurable products that provide improvements in fluid management, enhancing the overall efficiency of heavy equipment. These include level, flow, and pressure systems for hydraulic fluid, engine and transmission oil, coolant, urea, fuel, and brake fluid. Gems breadth of pressure, level, and flow technologies have been selected and designed specifically for off-highway vehicle measuring up to your most challenging applications:
?global support from experts in fluid level, flow, and pressure control
?multiple sensor technologies to serve all your sensing needs
?personal attention through local support and expertise
?lean manufacturing and advanced design methodologies to ensure the best design standards
?direct access to our dedicated engineering team.

?Uncompromising designs for harsh environments
?Field test proven
?Robust packaging for long life
�Highly accurate products for added control
?Solid state products for long term stability