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62 |Barksdale

Series 140, 200, 920, 5620 Shear-Seal® Manual Control Valve Barksdale's Heavy Duty Valve provides superior directional control for fluids and gasses up to 6,000 psi in the toughest industrial applications. Using Barksdale's Shear-Seal® technology, the Heavy Duty Valve products offer dependable performance and long life even when the media being controlled is contaminated with debris that would ruin ordinary valves. Featuring rugged ball bearing construction, hardened stainless steel seals, and durable bronze and iron cast housings these valves will provide trouble free performance for your critical application in the harshest environments. Shear-Seal® Technology Low Pressure Drop High Velocity Flow Tolerates Contaminates Low Handle Load at High Pressures 2- and 3-Position Actuators Spring Return Handle

Series 140, 200, 920, 5620 Valve

61 |Barksdale

Position Indicator Reliable valve position feedback for Series II Valve Barksdale’s position indicators are sensitive feedback devices that can be attached to Series II valves to provide valve status feedback. Using Barksdale’s know-how in electric switch technologies, the position indicator senses any of the three valve positions and signals this information through an electrical contact. With a housing constructed of all stainless steel materials, this product is designed for use in heavy industrial environments and in the most demanding applications. The explosion proof rating is Division I, Class I. In applications where feedback from the valve is desirable, Barksdale’s position indicator replaces such devices as proximity sensors, pressure switches and limit switches. Position indicators come already installed and calibrated on our Series II valves, saving installation costs for the customer. Fits ¼”, ½” & 1” Series II valves Comes already installed and calibrated 2 position and 3 position 30 VDC max, 500 mA (PLC compatible) Designed for Division I use (approval pending) NEMA 4X, IP67

Position Indicator

60 |Barksdale

Models A14, A20, H14, H20 Pilot Operated Shear-Seal® Directional Control Valve Barksdale's patented Series II valve provides an optimal solution by combining the dependable features of our heavy duty Shear-Seal® valves with the reliability of a rack and pinion pilot actuator, all in one integrated package. With the ability to handle high velocity flows at pressures up to 6000 psi and tolerate contaminated medias, the Series II valve becomes the choice for the toughest applications where virtually zero-leakage* is a must. Original Shear-Seal® Technology Integrated Actuator Superior Shifting Performance Compact Design Corrosion Resistant Materials

Models A14, A20, H14, H20 Valve

59 |Barksdale

518, 526 Series Shear-Seal® Manual Control Valve Barksdale's Microtorque™ valve provides superior directional control for fluid power applications up to 6,000 psi where compact design and virtually zero leakage* are a must. Utilizing Barksdale's Shear-Seal® technology, the Microtorque™ Valve offers reliable performance and lapped metal-to-metal sealing surfaces that will easily tolerate contaminated fluids. This valve offers many options that make it extremely versatile including panel mounting, spring return, 2 or 3 position detents, DO3 manifold mounting, and non-interflow. Leveraging the flexibility and unique features of the Microtorque™ Valve, along with its superior performance, can result in bottom line savings and operational benefits for your customers. Original Shear-Seal® Technology Compact Design Non-Interflow Option Spring Return Option Panel Mount Option 2 or 3 Position Detent

518, 526 Series Mircotorque Valve

58 |Barksdale

Model 20337 ShearSeal® Regulator Barksdale's pressure regulators are sensitive, pressure-control devices used to maintain a pre-determined pressure in a hydraulic circuit. The regulated output pressure is controlled by manually adjusting the spring force to balance the hydraulic loading. Design features ensure excellent accuracy, repeatability and high flow coefficients. Original Shear-Seal® Technology API compliant for sensitivity High Flow Capacity Large pressure range Tolerates Contaminated Media Fail-safe motor control option All stainless steel option API approved.

20337 1-1/2" Pressure Regulator
Pressure Regulator| 

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