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iSensors International is the regional representative for a numbers of US and European instruments and sensors manufacturers. Acting as the Asia Pacific Sales and Technical Support Centre with a team of more than 20 over distributors located in various major cities around Asia Pacific Region, we support the sales and marketing of these major brands. We challenge ourselves to provide the fastest response to any sales enquiry and requests for product help.

Phone: 65-67640351 | Fax: 65-62344118 | E-mail:


Our main goal at iSensors is to provide sensing solutions to help you design and manufacture products that will satisfy your customer. iSensors represents thousands of standard and custom products ranging from the simple float/reed switch device such as level and flow switches, semiconductor type pressure transducers, electronic pressure and temperature switches, electronic tuning forks, capacitance level sensors, RF level sensors, rotary level switch, ultrasonic level switch, Electro-Optic, Roto flow sensors, ultrasonic level transmitters,solenoid valves and proximity switches. We also offer silo weighing systems, inventory system using bolt-on and direct support loadcells as well as gas detection systems for environment monitoring.