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ModelUQS7 Electronic Flow Switch
DescriptionUQS7 Electronic Flow Switch

Barksdale's UQS7 Electronic Flow Switch provides a highly accurate monitoring and control solution for water-based fluids. Our UQS7 combines two built-in switchpoints, a 4-20 mA analog output, and a digital flow display in a single, compact unit. Ultrasonic sensing technology measures time of flight between two discrete points, assuring highly accurate measurement with low insertion loss as compared to other types of flow sensors. Setpoints and deadband are easily adjusted by using a built-in, user-friendly menu. Analog transducer outputs are scalable from 25% to 100% of full scale range, providing a high degree of flexibility for a wide range of applications. A 10-bit microprocessor provides built-in self diagnostics and allows for switch time delays up to 9.9 seconds. For applications requiring accurate monitoring of water-based fluids, the UQS7 is an ideal choice.

Integrated 4-20 mA Analog Output
Easy to Read LED Display
Fully Configurable via Keypad
Suitable for Water-Based Fluids
IP 65 Protections
CategoryFlow switch
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