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ModelD1X, D2X Explosion Proof Diaphragm Switch
DescriptionExplosion Proof Diaphragm

Barksdale's D1X and D2X Explosion Proof Diaphragm Pressure Switches offer high accuracy and reliability, providing an ideal solution for your hazardous locations pressure control requirements. With vacuum and positive pressure ranges to 150 psi, NEMA 4,7,& 9 enclosures, a covered terminal strip and tamper-proof external adjustment, Barksdale D1X and D2X Explosion Proof Diaphragm Pressure Switches meet your needs in a wide variety of applications. These switches are available in single setting or dual control. An internal set screw allows for easy internal adjustment of setpoints. For applications requiring a highly accurate switch in a durable package, Barksdale's Explosion Proof Diaphragm Pressure Switches are the ideal choice.

New! Diaphragm Seal Option Available

High Accuracy and Reliability

Hermetically Sealed

Explosion Proof Housing for Hazardous Locations

Tamper Proof Setpoint Adjustment

Ideal for Pressure or Vacuum Applications

Categorypressure switch
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