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ModelModel 115T Metal Capacitive Differential Pressure Transmitters
DescriptionRanges: 0~0.25,..., 0~6890 kPa,D
0~1.3, ...., 0~42370 kPa,G
0~6.2,..., 0~6890 kPa,A
Accuracy: 0.1%fso; 0.2%fso
Output: 4-20mA

Line Pressure: 70,140,312,420,520bar
Construction: Rigid, Welded encapsulation.
Explosion-Proof: EExd IIC T6 (option)
Materials: diaphragm 316L. Option: Tantalum, hastelloy-C or Monel. Housing: 316. Flange: 316, Option: hastelloy-C or Monel. Operating Temperature: -40 ~ + 85 degC Media Temperature: -40 ~ +120 degC Temperature Coefficient of zero and span: <0.03%fso/10 degC . System Pressure Effect: +/- 0.25%fso/100Bar Vibration Effect: 0.05%fso/g/200Hz (any direction) Protection Class: IP67.
MakerBCM Sensor
CategoryPressure Transmitter
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