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ModelIQM 60
DescriptionIQM 60

The IQM 60 Indoor Air Quality Monitor enables simultaneous monitoring of the most common parameters for indoor air quality with a single instrument. Parameters measured include gases such as CO2, CO, VOC, NO2, O3 plus temperature, humidity and respirable particulates.

Analytic GSS Technology / PID / NDIR
Multiple Gas Sensors (up to six)

Factory Certified with NIST Traceability

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Particulate Monitor (optional)

Active Air Sampling System

Rapid Real-time Data Sampling

Min / Max / Average Sampling

Large Internal Data Storage Capacity

RS 232 / USB Communication

PC Data Logging Software

User Defined Calibration

Wireless Communication (optional)

Quiet Operation , Low Maintenance

CategoryGas Sensitive Semiconductor
HighlightsData is logged to a removable SD card or remote PC using supplied software and can be exported to MS Excel for generating reports.

Utilizing high performance Analytic GSS Technology and other optical sensors, the IQM 60 offers the complete package for performing in-depth analysis and long term studies of indoor air quality.

ApplicationsIAQ Complaint Investigation and Analysis

HVAC System Performance Monitoring

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

Health and Comfort Assessment

Mould Investigation and Remediation

Airport Lounges

Office Buildings

Shopping Malls

Schools and Kindergartens


Elderly Care Facilities
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