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ModelAQM 60
DescriptionAQM 60

AQM 60 Ambient Air Quality Monitors
fill the gap between full reference monitoring stations and simple diffusion samplers. Typical applications include traffic or roadside monitoring, urban air quality measurement and fenceline monitoring of air pollution sources. Aeroqual utilises proprietary Analytic GSS Technology to provide high performance within a flexible cost effective package.

CategoryGas Sensitive Semiconductor
HighlightsAQM 60 monitors are discreet, highly compact, and deliver precise measurement data for a wide range of ambient pollutants including O3, NO2, CO, SO2, CO2, VOC, plus PM10 and environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, noise and other meteorological sensors.

Data is stored internally and is also available in real-time via GSM modem, low power radio, Ethernet and other communication options.

Other Sensor Options:
Noise sensors | Particle counters
Meteorological sensors
ApplicationsUrban air quality monitoring

Roadside and tunnel monitoring

Fenceline and point source monitoring

Trend analysis and hotspot screening

Substitution of manual sampler networks

Commercial indoor air quality monitoring
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