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Model3D Level Scanner
Description3D Level Scanning – A Multipoint Level Solution
Bindicator has partnered with APM Solutions to bring the 3DLevelScanner to market. The 3DLevelScanner Model S determines the average volume of bulk solids stored in small silos with diameters of up to 13 feet (4 m). It incorporates a non-contact dust-penetrating technology enabling it to overcome the challenges of harsh, dusty environments in many applications.

How It Works

The 3DLevelScanner employs an array of antennas to transmit low frequency pulses and to receive echoes of the pulses from the contents of the silo, bin, and other containers. The unit measures the time/distance of each echo and its direction. The device’s Digital Signal Processor samples and analyzes the received signals to provide very accurate measurements of the level and volume of the stored contents.
Category3D Level Scanner
Industryvolume of bulk solids
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