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ModelCW53 BM SERIES WAVE COMPACT 6.3 GHZ- For Liquids & Solids
DescriptionCW53 for liquids and solids


Storage tanks with hazardous working conditions.

Range: until30 m

Accuracy: 10 mm

Process connection: flanges AISI 316L SS PN16

Antenna: conicalsØ 50, 80, 100, 150, 200

Materials: antenna: SS 316L / PTFE

housing: plastic PBT-FR / Aluminium/ AISI

flanges: SS 316L

Working temperature: -40…200°C

Storage temperature: -40 ÷ 80°C

Relative umidity: <95%

Pressure: -1 ÷ 40 bar

Resistance to vibrations: mechanical
vibrations 10m/s2, 10÷150Hz

Frequency: 6 GHz

Angle emission lobe: 29°; 26°; 24°; 20° (depending by cones Ø)

Interval of measure: ~1sec

Interval of updating: ~1sec

Resolution display: 1mm

Supply 2 wires version:

- Input voltage: 15÷36Vdc

- Absorption: max. 22.5mA

- Ripple allowed: <100Hz, Uss>1V;
100Hz÷100KHz, Uss<10mV

Supply 4 wires version:

- Standard input version voltage: 24Vdc ±10%; 230Vac ±10%

- Absorption: max. 4VA, 2W

Output signal: 2/4 wires 4-20 mA, HART
Resolution: 1,6μA

Fixed signal for anomaly: 20.5mA; 22mA; 3.8mA

Time of integration: 0÷99s, programmable

Cables entry: 1x PG 13.5

Weight until ~6 kg (depending by flange Ø)
CategoryPulse Radar
HighlightsProcess Controls
ApplicationsLiquid Level, solid level
IndustryProcess Controls
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