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ModelLU-R5000 TFT LCD Paperless Recorder
Description1. Brief Introduction

LU-R5000 series active color LCD Recorders may be 1 to 64 channels input, have outputs of status control, alarm, sensors power supply etc.

2. The main technical parameters

◆ Display: 10.4 inch TFT active color LCD, resolution 640×480, high light , none view angle.

◆ Input accuracy: ± (0.2%F.S+1) digit

◆input type: Standard voltage 0-5V, 1-5V

standard current 0-10mA, 4-20mA

T.C: K, S, B, T, E, J, Wre325, N
RTD: Pt100, Cu50

Special input: R, Wre526, mV signal, other

◆output types: Switch output: Relay contact output (resistance 250VAC/0.8A or 250VAC/3A)
the SSR trigger (12V/50mA)
transform output: 4-20mA (the load <650Ω)、1-5V
0-10mA(the load <1000Ω)、0-5V

Communication connection: RS232 or RS485
storage medium: U disk/256M, U disk/512M

◆ Record time: adopts 256M electron hard disk

Record interval: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240, 300seconds for set
Record data: 64 pens,
latest 10.5 days/64 pens (1 second interval) ~ 3150 days/ 64 pens (5 minutes interval)

◆T.C cold-junction compensate error: ±1℃

◆cut off protection time: the data can be stored forever when the electricity is cut off for it adopts FLASH MEMORY, it can run accurately when cut off if hard clocks is equipped.

◆Power source: Switch power supply 85VAC-264VAC, 50Hz±5%

◆Ambient temperature: 0-45 ℃

◆ambient humidity: 0-85%RH
CategoryPaperless Electronic Recorders
ApplicationsProcess Controls
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