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ModelD-Cryo Series
DescriptionThe D-Cryo Series is a 2-way, high flow, miniature Cryogenic valve designed and built for service down to –320°F (-196°C). Depending on your temperature requirements, the D-Cryo Series can be configured for liquid nitrogen (LN2), liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2), and other extreme temperature media. PTFE coated plungers,316 Stainless Steel guide tubes and plunger springs,encapsulated coils, and PTFE or Rulon®
seat seals produce a truly robust Cryogenic valve for applications requiring high cycle life and media temperature control.

Typical Applications
• Environmental Chambers
• Food Processing
• Laser Surgical Equipment
• Semiconductor Manufacturing
MakerGems Sensors Predyne
CategorySolenoid Valve
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