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ModelB-Cryo Series
DescriptionThe B-Cryo Series is a 2-way miniature Cryogenic valve designed and built
for service down to –320°F (-196°C) in applications needing a Cv between
.045 and .440. Depending on your temperature requirements, the B-Cryo
Series can be configured for liquid nitrogen (LN2), liquid carbon dioxide
(LCO2), and other extreme temperature media. Teflon® coated plungers,
316 Stainless Steel guide tubes and plunger springs, encapsulated coils,
and Teflon® or Rulon® seat seals produce a truly robust Cryogenic valve for
applications requiring high cycle life and media temperature control.

An excellent choice for:
• Environmental Chambers
• Food Processing
• Laser Surgical Equipment
• Semiconductor Manufacturing
MakerGems Sensors Predyne
CategorySolenoid Valve
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